All date obtained in relation to the National Matrix Challenge will be retained for the purpose of the Matrix Challenge only.

All individuals who register to take part in the Matrix Challenge will provide the required minimised data, this will be encrypted. Data will not shared outside those running the Matrix Challenge.


Those participants unsuccessful in reaching the regional semi-final or regional presentation days will have their details wiped and removed from all systems within 14 days of 31st March 2020.


Those successful to take part in the National Final in July will have their details retained for the purposes of contact in relation to attending the Matrix Challenge Final.

All data relating to finalists will be wiped within 14 days of the final which is due to take place on Saturday July 4th.


The winners of the challenge will be provided with an opportunity to take part in further media releases in relation to the Matrix Challenge.

Media release forms for image and personal details will be dealt with separately by those participants involved.

All Matrix Challenge participant data will be wiped from all Matrix Challenge related systems within 14 days of the 4th of July 2020 unless individually agreed.

Google analytics is being used anonymously to provide numbers of entrants and identify baselines /peak times to allow bandwidth flex. No Personal Identifiable Identification (PII) is being captured. The purpose of the analytics is to capture numbers only.


Further details of Toasted digital’s privacy statement can be found at this link

Privacy and Retention Notice